Review: Legoland is an absolutely must visit this Halloween

Legoland is one of our favourite days out for us as a family.

So when we were invited to see the Windsor parks new Halloween bits and bobs- we were over the moon.

Me, my mum and my son Tyler had the pleasure of taking the 3 1/2 hour road trip to Windsor to test out some of the fun spooky additions for visitors over the half term.

From the 14th to the 31th of October, Lord Vampyre is inviting little monsters and their families to the Resort for his ultimate Halloween party- and here’s our thoughts on the experience.

Tyler was the kid everybody wanted to know in this costume

From the moment we picked up our wristbands and headed through the gates we knew it was going to be an insane day- and here’s why.

Our press package included the most incredible Emmet Lego costume for Tyler- and it instantly turned him into a celebrity for the day.

There wasn’t a child in the WHOLE of Legoland who didn’t want to hug him, high five him or talk to him thinking he was part of the attraction park team… can you imagine how good that must have felt for my little 9 year old?!

We headed straight for rides we have been on and loved before first- and we quickly began to see on our travels how fantastic the park looked with all it’s ghoulishly, frightful decorations.

Pumpkins, head stones, scary lego statues….. there was a wow coming from all of the families visiting.

The spooky decorations are fantastic

New for 2021, there’s Lord Vampyre’s Creepy Crypt Trail with treats waiting to be discovered across the park, a brand new harbour show, Monster Rocker’s fang-tastic Pumpkin Trail and spooky LEGO building.

Tyler loved going to the crypt to pick up his goodie bag, and this was a little extra fun for Tyler to take us round with his very own clue book of where the crypt’s awaited.

He’s mega excited he gets to wear his fangs he got in his bag!

Tyler loved going to talk to the crypt keeper- the characters were all fabulous as part of the Halloween Spooktacular

The forest was our favourite part of the trip. Complete with lights, hay stacks, pumpkins and other bits lining the way it was such a gorgeous path to take and get a load of pictures.

The fun was honestly never ending- although he was a little old for the fancy dress competition, he still took part. The wonderful staff rallied up the kids and made such a fuss over all of the kids efforts to get dressed up (If I could have seen Tyler’s face I could imagine it would have been pulled!)

Unfortunately, we would say that the only downfall was the food situation.

Although there was thousands of people probably expected to be heading into Legoland it seemed the wait for food is quite an issue, and the staff were not very… shall we say overly impressed with the queues they had.

Nevertheless the fish & chips we purchased were delicious- and our ice cream we got lake side was unbelievable (if you have the chance to go, get the Butterscotch!)

Last time we visited, we got to try out the LEGO Mythica Flight of the Lion ride – it is honestly insane.

The UK’s theatre ride was the highlight of our visit once again- it takes you to another world like nothing we have ever experienced before.

Overall experience rating


We have nothing bad to say- the Legoland amusement really is magical and has something for all your little ones needs.

Even for a 9 year old or over there is plenty to do and enjoy.

Take a look at the Legoland tickets you can get here – there are also plenty of beautiful rooms you can book to stay at there too.

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