Eat and Drink in Chelmsford

Chelmsford welcomes you with its’ great variety of restaurants. Chelmsford and the surrounding countryside have always been a haven for good food and fine drink. Ancient beamed gastropubs, craft beer festivals and fresh local produce abound.
Take your pick from award-winning country pubs and restaurants across the county. Treat your taste buds to mouth-watering dishes. Whether your preference is fish and chips by the sea, or you fancy digging into a platter of local oysters, savouring a juicy steak fresh from nature’s larder or a gourmet dinner in luxurious surroundings, the Chelmsford food scene offers plenty to please all tastes and budgets.
Here you can find American, Indian, Greek food and many more. If you are a fan of tasting the culinary of as many cultures as possible, Chelmsford is the right place for you.

Bilash Chelmsford

Bilash in Chelmsford

Bilash is an Indian restaurant & takeaway, offers you a unique, friendly and relaxed atmosphere which is unlike any other restaurant or takeaway in Chelmsford!
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Blue Strawberry Bistrot

Blue Strawberry Bistrot in Chelmsford

A relaxed friendly place to simply dine, entertain or celebrate. It is our desire to serve the freshest finest food at the most affordable prices possible.
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The New London

The New London in Chelmsford

They have a reputation for seasonally inspired menus with a unique approach to homemade food which makes the New London restaurant a special place to visit.
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Club Woodham

Club Woodham in Chelmsford

The Club has a very friendly and welcoming bar/restaurant area, which incorporates casual seating as well as a more formal dining area. The Club's daily breakfast & lunch menus are made using fresh ingredients cooked to order, with daily specials available from 9am - 2.30pm
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Galvin Green Man

Galvin Green Man in Chelmsford

Green Man pub in Chelmsford is from the acclaimed chefs and restaurateurs Chris and Jeff Galvin. From fine dining business dinners to relaxed family friendly lunches, private dining and al fresco options there is a Galvin restaurant to suit everyone

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