New Essex swimming pool for dogs opens where they can splash, dive and play

A new swimming pool for dogs has opened in Essex. Canine Dip and Dive, has now got its very own pool on the outskirts of Maldon. Found on a farm in Goldhanger, this pool offers dogs the chance to learn to swim, build confidence in water and have a lot of fun.

You can take your pooch for a solo swim session or even join a pool party with other dogs of all shapes and sizes. The pool opened last Friday (April 15) and will now be open for bookings until late autumn.

Life Writer Hope Woolston went along ahead of the official opening to take a look. Here’s everything you can expect from the new doggy pool.

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The first thing I noticed when I arrived was how secure the pool is. The pool itself is 32ft long but is then surrounded by artificial grass and a tall wire fence. I thought this was great as it means there is no chance of escapees. It also means that the dogs can enjoy running around as well as being in the pool.

The pool is suitable for all types of dogs
The pool is suitable for all types of dogs

I arrived during a solo session with a dog named Barley who is more than used to the water. Barley was actually a very special dog to watch as her jumping skills are incredible.

Whist the pool has a ramp that dogs can use to jump into the water from, Barley didn’t need it. She could jump so far from the regular platform that with the ramp she could clear the pool.

Barley spent ages in and out of the water, leaping in after a tennis ball. No stranger to water, Barley – who is a working dog – was amazing to watch and is a real pro at dock diving.

Any dog who visits can have a go at jumping into the pool. However, it can be (and often is) all about swimming. Your dog can enjoy a leisurely paddle in the water, and there are also plenty of toys to play with.

During every session, there will be at least one member of staff in the pool with the dogs to help them in and out and keep an eye on them. Something I thought was amazing however is that owners are allowed and encouraged to get in too – this can often help the dogs get more confident with getting in.

The pool party was a lot of fun
The pool party was a lot of fun

As well as solo sessions like Barley’s, Canine Dip and Dive also host regular pool parties. These parties are for up to five dogs and are great for socialising.

All breeds of dog are welcome, and the business often sees a huge variety from tiny chihuahuas to massive St Bernard’s, all are welcome. The pool parties are great for building your dog’s confidence with both water and other dogs.

During my visit, I got to witness what it’s like to have a group of dogs in the pool with a visit from All Animals Rescue and Rehome animal rescue. There was a group of very excitable dogs who had the best time in the water.

Dogs can swim, jump, dive and play
Dogs can swim, jump, dive and play

It was so much fun to see them jumping in and out, running around, playing and having a great time. I did end up soaked so would recommend taking a towel for both you and your dog if you go to a party.

As well as the regular parties, Canine Dip and Dive also hold puppy parties. These parties are for up to three dogs. There are also senior sessions for dogs aged eight and over to experience a more leisurely swim.

I really enjoyed going along to Canine Dip and Dive to see what they are all about. As a dog lover myself, the best part about it was seeing the dogs all having such a good time.

Things to know:

  • You can find Canine Dip and Dive at Gardeners farm, Goldhanger, CM9 8BQ
  • Solo sessions cost £35 for half an hour for one dog with each additional dog at £10 (max of five)
  • Pool parties cost £15 for half an hour
  • All dogs must be fully vaccinated or titre tested

  • Dogs mustn’t eat up to 2 hours before swimming

  • Dogs must have their claws clipped short

  • Dogs with injuries, health problems or recovering from surgery must have permission to swim from your own vet.

  • It is not a hydrotherapy pool

Find out more about Canine Dip and Dive here.

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