Jamie Oliver reveals how you can make the perfect steak

However, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has revealed one “perfect” technique for preparing and cooking the dinnertime staple, promising an end to tough steaks.

Jamie Oliver’s full recipe for cooking the ‘perfect’ steak

Posting to fans on Facebook, Jamie Oliver recommends using a flat iron (known as a feather blade) cut for the home-cooked steak as it has perfect “fat marbling”.

He then said you should remove the sinews from the meat before starting.

Before cooking, he put oil over the steak saying that he had a “thick-bottomed pan on very high heat”.

The popular TV chef went on to rub the oil over the meat before recommending the heavy use of salt and pepper on both sides.

Adding a little oil to the pan before placing in the steak, he told viewers to take the steak out of the fridge for at least four hours before cooking, saying that doing otherwise would make the steak “tough”.

Jamie then revealed that the meat should be turned “once a minute, every minute” before cooking to “medium rare”.

The Channel 4 chef added: “Being equal with both sides keeps the moisture in the middle.”

When discussing where to get the steak, Jamie told viewers to go to a butchers rather than the supermarket so that home chefs can cook “double steak” rather than a thinner cut.

He then rubbed the meat with garlic and butter for extra flavour, adding: “That sweetness of the butter is really beautiful”.

To finish off the steak, those at home can use thyme, rosemary and oregano to heighten the flavours.

After cooking the steak for around three minutes on each side, he advised leaving it to sit for two minutes

Cutting into the meat, he revealed it to be perfectly soft and a little pink.

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