I tried the McPlant now that it’s available everywhere and was surprised

Veganuary means everyone starts bring vegan items to menus everywhere, which is always exciting even if it can be disappointing.

It’s always nice to see the effort being put in, but that doesn’t always pay off. As I saw yesterday with a burger I could’ve been more impressed with.

I’ve been hearing about the McPlant for months, with it being rolled out across a number of stores across the country but sadly none near me.

Well, today everything has changed.

Because the McPlant is officially out nationwide and you can get it easily delivered to your doorstep.

Which is exactly what I did this morning.

The McPlant is surprisingly tasty
The McPlant is surprisingly tasty

I didn’t waste any time placing my order, I wouldn’t have been surprised if I was the first of the day.

After being left disappointed by KFC’s burger I was quite nervous, but McDonald’s has managed to pull off their vegan burger really well.

It smells just like a typical McDonald’s burger, which I found to be quite a good thing.

But even getting past that, it tastes just like one too.

It’s got a tang coming in from the sauces, but the cheese alternative (while being a little thicker than what you will normally find on a cheeseburger) tastes just like cheese.

You may be thinking that that’s what it is supposed to taste like but a lot of vegan cheeses can be lacking to put it lightly.

The burger, made using Beyond Meat®, is really tasty and similar to a classic McDonald’s burger too.

And it’s cooked separately from other McDonald’s burgers and sandwiches using dedicated utensils – which means you shouldn’t have to worry about cross contamination.

I do always double check in store, just to be on the safe side, but as someone who doesn’t typically eat cheese I find it comforting that the two are kept separately.

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McDonald’s have really knocked it out of the park with this one – it’s a victory for vegans and vegetarians everywhere (and I’d argue nicer than some of the meaty options).

But that’s just what I thought – do you agree and more to the point have you tried it?

Let us know in the comments or over on Twitter.

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