Ed Sheeran films at Basildon’s Underwater Studio

The singer and songwriter arrived at the Burnt Mills Industrial Estate to carry out the shoot over a week in January, but bosses at the business are now only allowed to speak about it.

It comes just months after Tom Cruise was spotted filming at The Underwater Studio, in the Burnt Mills Industrial Estate.

Ed Sheeran was filming a promotional video for his latest album, Subtract, with the footage featuring the star stuck in a vehicle as it sinks.

Glenn Whatley, who runs from the studio, said: “Ed was a lovely fellow, very down to earth, you couldn’t work with a better person.

“His production team were here for about a week or so. It’s the first time we’ve had him here.

“He’s very a normal man and a real man in the street sort of guy. He’s not pretentious at all and he was talking to everyone about every day life and all sorts of things.

“We do not get star struck, it’s just people going to work and for us it’s just another day in the office.

“It’s more complicated to make a car sink, than people would imagine. When you take the engine and gear box out, the car won’t sink due to the air in the tyres.

“We have to fill the tyres with water to make them sink.”

A number of huge names have filmed at the studio before, including the likes of Kylie Minogue, Gary Barlow and a host of others.

In February the studio welcomed Tom Cruise for filming and videos circulated social media show the Mission Impossible star seemingly exiting a helicopter near Archers Fields.

It comes after the studios worked with EastEnders stars and production teams for last years Christmas special episode, which saw the last scenes with Mick Carter, played by Danny Dyer.”

Mr Whatley added: “We’ve worked with the BBC and EastEnders a lot and we also provided safety advice on location for the scenes in Rams Gate.

“All the actors and stars have to go through the same safety training and medical checks before they get in the water.

“Lots of stars are welcome friends and it just feels like people we know well and work with a lot.”

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