Theme Parks and Zoo in Chelmsford

Chelmsford is home of many fun and outgoing activities for leisure time with family and friends. Here you find some nice theme parks where you can see and do where you can’t do anywhere else. Browse through mini trains and spend time with your child playing games and visit the big jungle gym in Blake House Craft Centre. You can visit the local zoo with your child and have a look at the friendly animals.

Blake House Craft Centre

Blake House Craft Centre in Chelmsford

There's plenty to do at Blake House Craft Centre starting with an excellent 9 hole miniature golf course with kid friendly features including fun ramps, cool bridges, cute windmills and intriguing wells, great for all ages and abilities… if they've got the patience!
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Chelmsford Miniature Railway

Chelmsford Miniature Railway in Chelmsford

Chelmsford City Miniature Railway is home to The Chelmsford Society of Model Engineers we are in Meteor Way just off Waterhouse Lane. Here you can see and enjoy the miniature railways and trains.
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Tropical Wings Zoo

Tropical Wings Zoo in Chelmsford

Tropical Wings Zoo is one of the best interactive zoo attractions in Essex. They have one of the finest tropical houses in the UK, an oasis where you can experience a tropical feel on any day of the year and get up close and personal with the free flying butterflies and birds.
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