Monsters Vs Aliens

More movie tie ins again – this time it’s Monsters Vs Aliens and the movie isn’t even out yet.

So that gives us gamers the chance to get in on the action before anyone else.

It’s a Dreamworks film, so should be good, especially as it is in 3D. And back to the game, then.

Save the world. Pretty standard fare then only here you duff up an Alien. As a Monster. But not those terribly dribbly things Ripley has to deal with in erm, Alien, or anything too Godzilla like.

This is all very kid friendly and being on the Wii makes it all the more fun. You can bash the baddies by waving the Wiimote while playing as The Missing Link, which is a macho half ape half fish thingy, or B.O.B. who is always hungry or perhaps as Ginormica, a 49ft 11ins woman. Hmm.

Oh, don’t forget Insectosaurus – obvious that is a big. Which is big. Very big in fact.

And if you can’t manage all that alone in sorting out the invading aliens, a pal can take up another Wiimote for some co-operative action as Dr Cockroach. Seems a straightforward name.

Each character has their own way of doing things as you might expect and all have some great wisecracks.

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