Mark Steel comes to Chelmsford

COMIC, author, stand-up and left wing political activist Mark Steel performed true to form during his one-night-only performance at the Civic Theatre, Chelmsford.

His political musings were both honest and heartfelt with his contempt for modern day politicians on all sides clear to see.

Having gone along expecting funny political commentary mixed with sharp observations about society as a whole I was left with mixed feelings.

While his comedy did raise a smile and occassional laugh – with some very clever material featuring Karl Marx’s theory of alienation, Virgin travel and cricket’s test match special – there were also too many parts which missed the target and I found my mind wondering.

He started slowly by criticising the people of Chelmsford which left an uncomfortable silence before he got into his stride.

His dislike of Conservative politicians was, as expected, more of a ranting diatribe than actually funny.

However his analysis of the change since the Blair years from 1997, and the situation today, felt truthful, funny, interesting and was just what I hoped from a show by Mark Steel.

After the interval the show became more like a speech than a comedy show, but that does not mean it was not entertaining.

When he spoke about how it was good that at least people were trying to make a positive difference, even if often it did not work, you truly believed the sentiments.

His honesty and openness was refreshing. There was enough to make the show feel worthwhile. But if you are going along to see Mark Steel in the future do not expect to be heartily laughing throughout.

Instead expect an intelligent and honest comedian whose material can relate to people of any political persuasion to provide you with a decent enough evening of entertainment.

Mark Steel is probably most familiar to readers for his roles in the full spectrum of panel shows including QI, Have I Got News for You, Never Mind The Buzzcocks and Mock the Week.

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