Hermit Club, Brentwood, hosts a day of live music for mid-Essex

A LIVE music venue is hosting a full day of performances from mid-Essex bands later this month.

The gig, called Freakquency, is being staged at The Hermit, in Shenfield Road, Brentwood. A host of musicians from the around the area, as well as a handful of acts from further afield, are due on the Hermit stage through the day on Saturday January 24, playing genres as diverse as ska, metal and funk.

Organiser Haley Crotty presents the regular Freakquency show on Phoenix FM, the community radio station for Brentwood and Billericay, on Wednesday nights. It offers the borough’s artists a chance to showcase their talents and the station’s staff say the gig will offer more of the same.

Haley explained: “If you liked the bands you heard on the show or any that you have heard on Freakquency before, this gig will be a great day for you to see them at their best! And all 13 bands for only £6.50 – that’s better than a pair of Christmas socks any day!”

Tickets for the gig cost £6.50 to go along for the day, or £4 for a half-day. They are on sale from the Hermit and from Phoenix FM’s office HQ, in the Baytree Centre off Brentwood High Street.

For more information, call 01277 849929.

BANDS due to perform at Freakquency on January 24 are:

  • Lost Without Cause: A three-piece original rock band from Watford, Hertfordshire. They formed in late 2004 and have been performing since mid-2005, now with nearly 40 songs in their repertoire. They have played more than 150 gigs and have built up a solid foundation with a growing fan-base from all over the UK.
  • Cloud Connection: A five-piece rock band from Brentwood whose catchy songs and emotive lyrics help make their completely individual style. With extremely different influences from each band member, Cloud Connection’s sound covers a broad spectrum of musical taste. They were also the first band to appear on Phoenix FM’s Freakquency programme.
  • Blonde Logic: These four teenaged indie rockers got together in the summer of 2007, after a long search for a drummer. They’ve played in determined fashion, to anyone who will listen. Hayley says of them: “Blonde Logic are set to take over a whole new indie era – start chanting We built the Pyramids! because these guys are here to stay.”
  • Nothing Can Prove It: Essex band NCPI are a well-known and loved punk rock band with an international fan base. The trio are expected to go far with their new album release tour starting in February.
  • Emy and the Band: Catchy songs in an acoustic indie-pop style – with an edge. The melodic guitar sounds accompany raw vocals.
  • A Third Wish: Bringing different influences from each member, this trio’s music style varies from indy through rock to punk. The band has been gigging since 2006 and has a growing fan-base.
  • Mantango: This four piece’s music is a delicate yet lively mix of rock, indie and funk that has powerful lyrics yet avoids thge sort of high-pitched vocals often described as “radio friendly”.
  • Loyal 2 No 1: Together the band have forged their own brand of rock music during the course of more than 100 gigs. Their sound, they say, is crafted for the listener and is something contagious, once you’ve heard it, it is in your head for a long time.
  • High Compression: A family rock/indie band from Essex who are in the stages of setting up their tour to start next year. High Compression have plenty of energy and are sure to put on a good show.
  • Never Means Maybe: The band formed in 2005, and after a couple of line-up changes along the way, the quartet now find themselves playing when and wherever they can. In their relatively short time together, the band have clocked up an impressive 200-plus shows, sharing the stage with some of today’s most talked about bands, including Enter Shikari, Exit Ten, and Mendeed. Fusing hardcore screams and melodic singing with syncopated riffs and high-octane drumming, Never Means Maybe have made themselves stand out from the crowd, gaining a reputation for their chaotic live shows along the way.
  • State Of The Enemy: This eclectic group of songwriters, musicians and stage performers are a part of the ever-growing Essex live-music scene. Combining the talents of two vocalists, dual guitars and a powerhouse rhythm section from the bass and drums, they put on a big stage show.
  • Gargamel and Goliath: Formed in August/September of 2007 as “My Fish Hitler”, this group have since played numerous shows and ska’d crowds across the country with a unique blend of punk, rock, funk, spunk and even bluegrass.
  • Seizure Circus: A four piece Indie band from Chelmsford whose sound is reminiscent of late Seventies post-punk, with modern indie and garage blended in to offer a unique line of live music.

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