Essex region’s latest crucial Covid R rate announced

Regional coronavirus statistics revealed today that the level of the virus is shrinking across Essex and the East of England.

Weekly statistics have shown that the reproduction number, or, the R rate, in the East of England is between 0.6 to 0.9 and its daily growth rate is between -7 to -4.

Essex falls into the East of England region, which also encompasses areas like Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk.

As the Government website explains, if the growth rate is less than 0 (- negative) then the epidemic is shrinking, which means that Covid-19 is decreasing across the East.

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Compared to other regions, the East of England is joint with London, the South West and the Midlands at having the lowest R rate.

The national average across England, the R rate is between 07 and 0.9, and its daily growth rate is between -6 to -2 which means the East is below the national average.

Furthermore, Dr Mike Gogarty, Director for Public Health for Essex County Council, told Essex Live the good news that Essex has recorded the lowest infection rates throughout the whole of the East of England.

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This means that Essex’s reproduction number is actually below the average in the East, and below the national average.

According to the latest county-wide data, for the 7 days to March 13, the entirety of Essex has recorded a relatively low infection rate, with every single Essex area recording an infection rate of below 60.

This number is something that we have not seen since lockdown eased back in the summer of 2020.

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