Cinderella at the Civic review

ONCE upon a time there was an enchanting pantomime.

And luckily for us it is not in a land far far away but on our doorstep and available now.

Cinderella, a magical family pantomime at Chelmsford’s Civic Theatre, is a must see.

The show has charm, heart and humour.

A sell-out crowd filled with people of all ages were grinning from ear to ear and I was joining them as everybody got involved in the production with all the ingredients needed to make a great panto.

Ellie Baker, as Cinderella, played her part with distinction and Prince Charming – together with sidekick Dandini – were aided by a good script giving them the chance to shine.

But it was the comic characters who inevitably stole the show.

Simon Aylin, as Buttons, had all the children on his side from the start when he threw sweets out into the crowd and he managed to maintain this affection for him with a performance which helped make the show so enjoyable.

Oliver Beamish as Demerara and Simon Snashell as Canderel – the ugly stepsisters – played their parts with perfection and the wicked stepmother was suitably scary and booed at every opportunity.

What marked this pantomime out from others was the relationship between the crowd and the cast with the feeling that each was as important as the other.

The special take on the song about the 12 days of Christmas was a definite highlight and when things did not go according to plan this just enhanced the performance and added to the feeling that every show will be that little bit different but equally special.

My three top tips are beware the water pistols, be prepared to get involved – and enjoy it all the more for doing so – and get what remaining tickets that are still available quick because if you don’t I might find myself taking the family again.

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